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Our Homemaker Services help with daily activities such as light housecleaning, meal preparation, laundry, essential errands, medical transportation and other assistance as needed.

We offer a variety of programs such as Veterans, Aged and Disabled Waiver recipients, and Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance recipients.


Our Registered Nurses (RNs) monitor health and wellness through the development of individual Plans of Care.

A free home care assessment is an essential step in determining the specific in-home service program that an individual may need. An RN will schedule a home visit (HV) to complete the assessment by reviewing your medical records with you, and discussing your individual Plan of Care needs.

Services include a home visit at least once every six (6) months from the nurse.

The nurse will also assist in coordinating and overseeing your homemaker services, if any are required.

A Nursing Assessment and a Plan of Care will be updated at each home visit to evaluate if the client is receiving the services he or she needs.

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Pay Services

We are ready to assist with personal care needs, from assistance with bathing, grooming, meal preparation, laundry, medical transportation, respite or any other special need.

The cost to the individual will depend on the hours and type of services you choose. As a non-profit company, our agency charges a competitive hourly rate for services and makes every attempt to work with the individual and family members to ensure a person receives the care they need.

A contract for services will be developed between the client and Central West Virginia Aging Services. An assessment is provided to determine how community resources can adequately meet the identified needs of your loved one.


Case Management Services assist clients and family in obtaining access to all needed services.

Care needs can change quickly. Our certified Case Managers provide expertise to help you through the whole maze of the program selection process – from the moment you call and all the way through the eligibility and case opening process.  They will be with you through it all.  A professional Case Manager will work with you to identify needs, coordinate access to services, and provide oversight to make sure a client’s needs are met.  Your Case Manager is an advocate for you.

Services that a Case Manager may consider in helping you assess your needs may include those in the following areas:

  • Social Needs

  • Educational Needs

  • Health Issues

  • Medical Requirements

Several other types of services are also available, including Personal Care Services, Veteran’s In-Home Care, Worker’s Compensation In-Home Care, the Helping Hands program, Medicaid Waiver Services, and Long Term Care Insurance.  Please contact the office nearest you for more information.

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